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I provide technical consulting primarily in the field of high voltage machines, some examples of possible scopes are provided below.
Machine types where I do have significant know how and experience are:
Traction motors
Hydro generators
Turbo generators, steam and gas turbine driven

As per my technical background, I focus on stator windings. My experience however covers the full generator stator and rotor.
Additionally, I do have some in-depth knowledge experience on "neighboring" topics, as e.g. High voltage bushings, insulated bus bars and similar.

If your request is not matching any of the examples provided below: Just get in contact with me…

Design support

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You need design support for stator windings as geometrical calculations of involutes, dimensioning of gradings, design for manufacture? We do have the knowledge and tools required.

Manufacturing support

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Setting up a new production facility or new production equipment? I may help in defining tools and setting parameters to achieve reliable windings.

Support in diagnostic testing

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Not sure what tests to perform to assess fitness of stator winding for purpose? Or having uncertainties what test to perform and how? I am here to assist you.

Partial discharge testing

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Assessing phase resolved partial discharge pattern reuires experience and design knowledge of specific winding. I do have significant experience and can support you, so that the PD patterns acquired become a useful tool to assess the state of the winding.
We have experience with PD equipments of major brands.

Visual Inspections

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Visual inspections may provide a lot of information, provided the inspection is performed by experienced engineers. Design knowledge is a key.
I am offering visual inspections, including endoscopy.

Repair advice

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How to address a damage found during inspections?
I can support you in that respect.
In case winding work is required, I established relations with companies which may provide a good winder to perform the work required.

Machine assessment

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You own a vintage machine, and are interested in when a full replacement or a rewind only is to be considered? Or a damage occurred and questions arise what repairs are required? I can support you in such cases.

Quality assessments

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You search a competent inspector, taking care of the manufacturing of your winding?
I provide witnessing of factory tests. Typical scopes include dimensional checks, dielectrical testing and asessment and visual inspections.

Failure analysis, RCA

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A failure may have significant impact. It is thus important, to assess the rooot cause of the failure to prevent subsequent failures driven by same flaw.
I do perform RCA's, involving further resources of my network as a specialized lab, specialist in mechanical calculations or any specialist required.

Site supervision

Site supervision during diagnostic testing, repair activities or scheduled outages are a common scope.
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